My gallery is moving to Launched on Nov. 1, 2011, this new website will feature new content throughout its first week… and will continue to be updated with new works regularly. I invite you to come and escape as often as you desire.

here’s a tiny glimpse for now…
you’ll find more images on my Photoshoots page
(and if you’d like to see even more, just click here for more recent works… or click here for more of my past works)

Most of my photographs were taken over a span of 11 countries during the past 10 years.  However, because I am a somewhat unusual photographer, many of these images defy any specific geographic or time identification.  Some of my photographs will evoke fond memories of a certain place you visited or a place you’ve longed to explore.  You’ll find images available only in black and white prints… and images available only in color prints.  This is partly due to the fact that I shot exclusively in 35mm film until mid-2009… and partly because I ‘see’ the moment in one way or the other (black and white or color).

All photographs are handprinted on archival matte fine art paper with seven-color archival pigment dye inks… to be enjoyed for generations to come. Whether you want your signed prints matted or matted and framed… know that I am flexible in accommodating your desired effect.


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