unusual photographer…

“Carolyn Collins” by Jen Shu (Dec 2009)

Carolyn Collins is best known for her contagious energy and smile… and for her intimate style of photography.

Her voyeuristic glimpses, timeless documentaries, and pure abstracts stir the imagination, touch the soul, and instill a zest for life.

“I’m horrible with names and facts, but I can recall the slightest smells, sounds, and sensory nuances of almost every person, place and moment that I have experienced.” Perhaps it is this abstract thought process that directs her focus to slightly different views of the world.

“I still shoot using ambient lighting, manual focus and viewfinder only (no peeking to see if I got the shot I wanted) because I love the thrill of risk, the element of surprise… it’s an incredible feeling when I do capture the very essence of the moment with that single shot.”

“The printing of my images is still in my full control, ensuring that the image produced is precisely the image I photographed.  Only my abstract works involve any manipulation beyond reality.  All of my images are printed on archival matte fine art paper with archival pigment color inks.”

You can view more of Carolyn’s photography at her current exhibits… or visit more of her images here… and here… and here… and here.


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