the moment

Spiritflow (2007)

I only shoot when I am moved by the moment itself.

Regardless of the subject, my camera simply becomes my translator of the moment as I experience it.  Instinctively maneuvering myself and my lens to embrace the moment fully, through framing, perspective, and ambient lighting, I ‘dance’ with my camera.

Like a first kiss, a moment cannot live again.  Thus I only have an instant to capture that moment… no re-takes… either I caught it or I did not.

Black and white photography has always held an added dimension of wonder for me.  The hushed unfolding of the moment, without the distraction of color, leads me straight to the story itself.

Color photography recently became a renewed form of storytelling for me.  The energy of color, whether bold or subdued, can heighten the sensory connection to the moment.

Regardless of your own preference for color or black and white photography, I invite you to ‘dance’ with the moment as you view my images.


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