Blind Stitch

26 02 2011

My Blind Stitch series began in 2007 when I began ‘quilting’ photographic prints to further explore, release and appreciate feelings within me concerning the photographed moment.

I could use digital images and software applications to create the same effect (as most photographic quilting artists do), but I chose (and am sticking to) the old-school print/cut/layout process. Using multiple handprinted fine art images in various rotational positions, I design the quilt to more deeply convey the layers of symbolism within the image(s) used. Once I have the general pattern formed, I then repeat the process with smaller prints and adjust as needed from a more distant perspective. I then either scan into my laptop or snap a photograph with my camera once the artwork is completed. Each piece from this series is a hand signed one-off limited edition print. Only one print will be sold, ensuring that the buyer is purchasing a unique piece of artwork.

Shown here are two of my black and white Blind Stitch pieces, one of which involved 120 hours of work. Both are currently available through Luminarte Gallery, in the Dallas Design District.

Future works in my Blind Stitch series will be tangibly documented by preserving the original paper ‘quilts’ created in the process of producing the finished artwork. I never thought to save the paper constructions from the first few creations, as my goal was simply to create a finished piece of photographic art using this process. I now wish I had. To watch or listen to another artist’s creative process is fascinating to me, and I must offer the same opportunity to those who view my art.

At present, I am simultaneously working on four new Blind Stitch pieces.



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