girlShow 2010 “The Perfect 10”

1 07 2010

Come see me Saturday night, July 10th at girlShow!
Men love it, women ARE it, your grandma will love it (so will your son).

I’ll have my art for sale, but will also have:
~ A fresh, new Carolyn Collins Photo-Ink Challenge (TM) wall (see past example on my links page), with my awesome angeldudes Christian Dean Ward and Joel Chapple (aka Edgar Allan Flow) there to help you take your first step…
This interactive form of community art began years ago with my online photo-blogs and has become so popular that other photographers are now doing their own ‘walls’ (yay, keep passing it on, people!).
~ My original hand-produced photographic art book plus two new releases!
“Colors Are More”… discovering the world through the magic of color (see my gifts page – think Dr. Seuss with a camera)
“hush”… black and white images to still the heart
“RUSH”… adrenaline-pumping color images
~ Surprise works unveiling at the main stage throughout the night! (let’s just say music is my drug… hee-hee!)
…and much more!



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